Sunday, November 22, 2009

Fruit Favorites PlayFood

After many long nights of trial and error, I have finally perfected this set. Coming up with an idea is the easy part but figuring out a pattern can sometimes be a challange with alot of trial and error but the end result is always something to be proud of! With this I introduce the first set in my line of Play Food, The Yummy Felt Fruit Favorites!

This 7 piece set is a great addition to your little chef's kitchen or market. It is 100% hand crafted by me with a combined work of hand stitching and stiching on my sewing machine. It is made up of eco felt, wool felt and poly-fil stuffing. American Felt and Craft has a wonderful blog post about the caring and washing of felt playfood found here.

Included in the Yummy Felt Favorite Fruit Play Food set is:

Kate's Orchard Apple
Spencer's Citrus Orange

Ty's Garden Strawberry

Pat's Summer Peach

The finest bunch of purple grapes from Kristy's Vineyard

Kyle's Autumn Pear

and finally Breanna's Banana!


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  1. These are VERY cute. I'm hooked on making felt food, too. My three year old loves it!